Mission & values

Our mission

Piako solutions have kept Finnish businesses across a variety of industries moving for over three decades. We partner with the world’s leading motor vehicle and heavy transport equipment manufacturers.
We are motivated by our customers’ ever-evolving needs for smarter and more cost-effective transport solutions.

Our values

Customer first – Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We do everything we can to ensure their success. They rely on us for our expert craftsmanship, our unrivaled experience, and our ability to respond to their needs quickly.
Innovation – We never rest on our laurels. Transport-reliant businesses are always looking for new ways to curb costs. We constantly design, build, and develop new and better products to help them stay ahead of the curve.
Family-owned – Piako is a family-owned business. From our clean and well-organized showrooms and workshops to our impressive inventory and customer support, we go the extra mile for our customers because our name is on the line.
Quality – We never forget that we’re only as good as our products and services. We’ve been serving our customers proudly since 1984, and we still use only the best materials and parts to build the vehicles and containers that you rely on every day. That’s Piako quality.

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