Piako was established in 1984 by Jukka Kovanen in a small rented space in the inner city of Pieksämäki. In addition to industrial metalwork, production also included custom bodywork for vans, lorries, and open flatbeds. Soon, custom cargo containers and open platforms for utility vehicles became Piako’s main product focus. Four years later, Piako built a new and bigger production facility in Naarajärvi, a rural municipality of Pieksämäki.

In 1995 the company’s corporate designation was changed to a limited liability company, and as production grew Piako expanded its manufacturing facilities for the first time. Five years later, and believing in the future of custom body work, the company invested in a new 1,000 m² hall extension. New plate machines were also purchased.

In 2008, a modern, heavy-duty paint shop was integrated into the existing production facilities to improve product quality and shorten lead times. And in 2010 Piako’s facilities were further renovated to keep up with increased production demands.

In 2014 Piako’s leadership was transferred to the next generation of the Piako family, Harri and Hannu Kovanen, with Harri Kovanen being appointed CEO of Piako Oy. The occasion marked Piako’s thirtieth year and the company celebrated its landmark achievement. The company also further expanded its operations.

As you can see, Piako’s path to becoming an industry leader has been a long one. But we’re still enjoying the ride.

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