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No one truck or cargo container is right for every job. Different businesses require different kinds of equipment. Piako engineers understand industry’s demands and that’s why we design products and equip vehicles for each customer’s specific purposes. Considering a product’s entire lifecycle cost is as important as choosing the right cargo structure and accessories. Proper maintenance is another key to the long-lasting, dependable service of your fleet, and we take great pride in being able to offer our comprehensive service network to our customers.

In working with our customers, we have carefully selected accessories and components that are tough enough to withstand the North’s harsh winter conditions. Our customers need equipment that provides the optimal operational reliability, plus corrosion protection and temperature control. Whether you need protection for cargo containers, loader cranes, tailgate lifts, or demountable trailers, you can count on Piako utilizing only the best products available.

Get building! Use Piako Builder and design your own transport equipment. Find and choose the fixtures and components that will help you work smarter. Explore container structures, choose your style, select your accessories, and then we’ll send you a quote via email. You can also contact us directly and we’ll help design a cost-effective solution based on your budget and transportation needs.

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If you have a bulk cargo transport challenge, we have a solution. Whether it’s a design, logistics, or a service need, we keep you moving. Get started now with Piako Builder and then we’ll follow up with you immediately.

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