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At Piako, we serve many public sector customers. Their fleets need to perform at a high level and maintenance needs to happen quickly to avoid unnecessary downtime. The public sector relies on Piako’s design, production, and fleet maintenance experience as much as our ability to meet their budgetary constraints. We are well-versed in the public sector’s bidding process and our staff is always ready to help with any concerns you may have.

We tailor cargo containers and equipment to suit your needs. We select the most durable components and accessories, especially those suitable for Nordic conditions. We also maintain an extensive stock to meet your immediate needs.

With Piako Builder you can design your own transport equipment. Explore container structures, choose your style, select your accessories, and then we’ll send you a quote via email. You can also contact us directly and we’ll help design a cost-effective solution based on your budget and transportation needs.

Piako Builder

Whatever the load - we get the job done

If you have a bulk cargo transport challenge, we have a solution. Whether it’s a design, logistics, or a service need, we keep you moving. Get started now with Piako Builder and then we’ll follow up with you immediately.

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