Demountable systems

Hydraulic demountable system

Piako’s hydraulic demountable system is reliable and easy to use machine that is available with electrically operated hydraulic machinery.

Fixed demountable system

Piako’s fixed demountable system is intended for vehicles with full air suspension. The machine has compressed air operated container locks so hydraulics is not needed. The installation height of fixed hoist is adjustable starting from 60 mm.

Technical details

Hydraulic demountable system
Length of load/cargo space

7700 mm, 6055mm with interim response


4 pairs of lifting arms,
2 + 2 lifting cylinders, 1 + 1 assisting lifting cylinders

Locking of cargo space

2 x hydraulic container locks, front lock attached to the frame, back lock attached to upper frame

Standard equipment
  • Hydraulic pump installed to trucks PTO
  • Electric control unit to the cabin
  • Lock pins for locks
  • Lock indicators for cabin
  • Traffic equipment
  • Individual approval + registration inspection
  • 24 V electrical assembly
  • Reversible intermediate response
  • Towing equipment
  • Tailgate
  • Cargo space heater
  • ADR equipment
  • Reversing camera
  • Work lights
  • Equipment box

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