Cargo and distribution bodies

We design and manufacture cargo bodies for trucks with a total weight of 18 to 26 tonnes and distribution bodies for trucks of 10 to 18 tonnes.

For a long time we have been doing development work, taking into account the requirements of driver’s work. The stepless binding system makes it possible to bind in the right place. The interior lighting of the cargo space on two rows reduces the formation of shadows. The load space is always dimensioned according to the transport task. It is possible to load and unload the cantilever cage from the side or rear, which makes it easy to load long tracks too. The truck-mounted floor allows the counterweight to be loaded behind the load. Forklift max. axle weight 7500 kg. Also available as a replacement cargo space.

Technical details


Subframes are built per the manufacturer’s specifications, with Z-crossbars


Self-supporting floor element


Reinforced plastic, lightly insulated, kickplates anodized aluminum profile s = 5 mm, 250 mm spaced


Reinforced plastic body element

  • LED interior lighting
  • LED Side lights
  • Binding railing row in side walls
  • Reverse beam with platform rollers
  • Steel wear plate at the back of the body
  • Rack for cargo straps
  • Road traffic equipment
  • Individual approval + registration inspection
  • Tailgates
  • Cargo space heater
  • Exhaust fan
  • Side door
  • Towing equipment
  • Twin doors to the back
  • Hinged or sliding door to the side
  • Cargo binding rings to the floor
  • Reversing camera
  • Work lights
  • Embedded binding tracks
  • Floor binding systems
  • Two-level loading systems
  • Accessory boxes
  • Painting of the box trailers

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